maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2008

Between Sörnäinen and the Railway Station

Try to document what you are thinking and how do you feel about this thinking.

What do you want to say? Or do you; is something else going on?

First one has to have something to say, then only find the ways how to say it. 
- Mauno Koivisto, President of Finland

Artists, designers, architects, poets, humanists ... you are the sensitive core of society. You are supposed to be sensitive enough to see for the horizon  - the future and the hidden layers inside the machine. Not all the people make suicide, something interesting and constructive is out there. Something that keeps them going, something that they feel connected with. The society expects you to be sensitive enough to articulate this something and show it to us.   

Before Monday write to your Blog an essay or a set of thoughts around the
theme "Urban Acupuncture". What do you think this could mean or what do you
think this could mean to you. What is the relationship between collective
energy flows and an artist? How does the urban narrative take form and how
this reflects on social drama? Or what ever this brings to your mind.

Next week we must proceed. On Friday there will be a series of new works of
art as the acupuncture needles for Helsinki.

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